Ottawa sangat doing it for themselves

Putting the Sikh into Sikhi – one day event


Members of the local Ottawa sangat have organized a one-day event on Saturday March 16th 2013 comprising educational workshops and activities centered on the theme of “Putting the Sikh into Sikhi”. The purpose of this one-day event is to foster sangat, participatory education and engaged development.

All are welcome, please come and support this event with your active participation.

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The Artists

Anoop Kaur

Canadian born and raised, Sikh artist, Anoop-Kaur’s work takes a critical look at social, political and cultural issues. Having explored subjects as diverse as Canadian and Indian political propaganda, subliminal influences of media on society, and religion, her work in return, has inevitably become a way of life. Her work is a hybrid between contemporary and puratan (old folk) style. “My purpose is to spread truth and provoke my audience,” she says.

Sukhdeep Singh

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Sukhdeep Singh gained an interest in Indian culture and religious tradition through his parents. Following an education at Carleton University he decided to explore India and during his travels he made sure he documented them to share with the respective youth in the diaspora.

The Speakers

Harinder Singh

Harinder Singh is a co-founder and the Chief Programming Officer of the Sikh Research Institute. He addresses Sikh, Panjab and South Asian issues throughout the world through articles, workshops and presentations. His passion is to learn and share the Sikh culture. The Sikh Research Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on community development through education. For more information:

Rubeena Kaur

Rubeena Kaur is a graduate of the University of Toronto. In July 2012 she completed her Masters degree in Health Sciences, also from the University of Toronto. She is a clinically certified Speech-Language Pathologist and currently works at 1to1 Rehab in Toronto. In both her professional and volunteer work, Rubeena Kaur strives to connect to the notions of “vand kai chukna” as embedded within Sikhi.


All are welcome, from high-school students to our eldest, wisest sangat member.


Please register to secure your place at this event. Registration is free but a suggested donation is humbly requested from participants to help cover costs. A suggested donation of $20 is most welcome.

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